The team

Christophe Faurère

Managing Director

Symag's Managing Director Christophe Faurère joined the company in 2010 as Chief Financial Officer before being appointed MD in 2012.

Christophe describes his brief as follows: "offer our customers solutions for their front office that give them the promised value, in terms of quality, deadlines and price".

During his career Christophe Faurère has held positions as Chief Financial Officer and General Manager in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the United States, in electronics and professional software companies, all ground-breaking and uncompromising on quality. These are the values he promotes in Symag, for the benefit of its customers.

Christophe Faurère is a graduate of Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Marseille-Provence (KEDGE Business School).

Laurent Brauner

Operations Manager

Symag's Operations Manager Laurent Brauner runs helpdesks located in Brest and Cracow, travelling staff and support teams from the Rungis logistics base.

Through his experience and knowledge of the service environment of large and specialist retailers, Laurent has put in place an efficient organization of front-line staff, and contributes on a day-to-day basis to the continuous improvement of our service offer, to adapt constantly to the changing needs of our customers.

Before joining Symag in 2007, Laurent started his career with an industrial experience in the Schlumberger group. For the last 15 years he has managed various operating entities, all specialized in services for retail.

Jean-François Lapraz

Professional Services Manager

Jean-François Lapraz is Symag's Professional Services Manager. In that capacity he oversees enhancements to our professional software offer and implementation of our solutions at our customers'.

Jean-François's experience has helped him implement many overhauls of information systems in multichannel environments, primarily in the retail sector.

He constantly maintains a close and meaningful relationship with customers and the sales teams, in order to ensure the success of the projects assigned to his teams.

Before joining Symag in 2011, Jean-François was IT Manager at Oxybul Eveil & Jeux for 6 years and Project Manager at FNAC for 6 years, where among other things he implemented Symag's payment collection solution.

Philippe Gherardi

Offer and Strategy Manager

Philippe Gherardi is Symag's Offer and Strategy Manager. Responsible for research and development investments in our solutions, Philippe defines enhancements to the company's software and service offers over the medium and long term.

Through his knowledge of the customer relationship ecosystem, mass and specialist retailing, he cooperates closely with customers and key or emerging suppliers in these sectors to ensure that our offers match market trends.

The key link between the R&D, product and sales teams and our customers, Philippe ensures that our offer constantly evolves to anticipate the expectations of our customers and consumers.

Before joining Symag in 2003, Philippe held various operational marketing positions for 10 years, for a leading European publisher and constructor in the retail and catering sectors.