C LINK MPOS The mobile payment collection solution

pictogramme The solution

C-Link MPos is a complete or partial management solution for the sales cycle from a mobile device for store staff.

It is used as an additional checkout system for easier management of device-independent sales or if a customer requires special assistance (technical products, luxury goods, bulky goods, etc.). It can also be used as a temporary checkout to better absorb peak store attendance over short and/or high footfall periods: store openings, the sales, etc.

pictogramme The product's benefits Just like a plug-in system!

  • Add-on for the Visual Leader Pos solution
  • Partial payment collection: queue busting for payment on a terminal or plug-in till
  • Complete payment collection: finalization of the transaction by card payment and sales receipt printed on the mobile terminal
  • Solution certified for bank cards
  • Main functions: user identification, scanning, manual input, quantity entry, override of cancellation price, couponing and loyalty management (native interface with C-Link Loyalty), sale standby function, card payments and sales receipt printing
  • Capacity to use several terminals per store
  • Can be supervised by C-Link Alert
  • Compact and ergonomic unit including scanners, extra batteries, bank and loyalty card readers, PinPad

pictogramme The benefits for the retail chain Modernity, economy and flexibility

  • A mobile and ergonomic solution
  • Easy to implement without affecting the store's IS
  • Absorbs traffic peaks without substantial investment
  • Fluidity and time savings for customers and for the store


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